1.4 vintage




Berlin is the best city to go vintage shopping! Here are some of my new pieces.


Ingredients for self made summer rolls: rice paper, some fresh vegetables (carrot, cucumber, pepper, avocado, lettuce), Tofu, fresh cilantro/basil, sesame seeds

Sauce: peanut butter, soy sauce, pepper




1.3 something from nothing

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shoes – doc martens . dress – H&M . kimono – H&M

I just came from work (messy hair look) and took these photos to show you one of my go to outfits. Do you know this feeling when you don’t fit in one of your dresses anymore… well my first thought wasn’t how can I loose weight, instead I considered, what to wear with it so that no one would see my butt falling out 😀 (the dress is half transparent)

Well luckily I’ve got this amazing kimono. One of my favorite clothing pieces at the moment anyway. You can just wear it every time and it conceals everything you’d like to hide. So that’s how I came to this amazing layering Olsen twin outfit. (Olsen twin inspiration here)

…and if you’re wondering – yes I love my Docs so much I even wear them if it has 25 degrees outside

1.2 USED


skirt – Forever21 . swimsuit – Zara . jacket – thrifted . shoes – H&M . cap – Quicksilver

Guys it’s raining in Berlin wtf…I am craving for the sun! Well at least you don’t feel bad lying in bed and watching the newest episode of Games of Thrones . The new season is amazing. I am not having so much time atm to take photos but I hope we’ll get sun on the weekend so I can take some new outfit photos.


1.1 home


Some impressions of my new home in Berlin. Yes it’s still in process…
Putting all your creativity into your new apartment is so much fun. But it’s also a lot of work and it takes time. While I was sorting out all of my clothes today still not having a shelf or wardrobe I thought of how important it is to feel good about your “living” situation. What makes you happy, how do you feel comfortable? My conclusion I feel pretty amazing about my current situation. My top three things to feel at home:
-having the most amazing, caring roomie& friend ever
-having little things that make your apartment unique and special (souvenirs from travels)
-having a (comfortable!) mattress

Check out my pin board here to get interior inspiration

Stay tuned